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Who We Are

You have a story. You might like ours. Yours is a history of being and becoming. So is ours. We started out when people like yourself were taking the first steps forward into a future they could only begin to imagine. They were doers and believers. They saw what was needed and made it happen. We did, too. We helped the oilmen find their way out into the sea. Brought safe, potable water to the fields of freedom’s battles. Found our way to the core of the biopharm vision.

We kept going as we are today. Serving new enterprises. Patenting new technology. Working in places where you work now. If pure water is part of what you do every day, the systems we design and make and manage will work for you. That’s the truth and that’s what matters. To you. And to us.

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A World Leader in Water Purification Solutions

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To companies with critical pure water demands, MECO is the water purification resource, delivering the most environmentally sustainable, reliable and effective solutions.

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