MECO Multi-Media Filtration for Pretreatment Processes

MECO multi-media filters are designed for the removal of suspended solids greater than 10 microns. The media filters are designed based on your effluent water quality required and the feed water analysis. Multi-Media water filters can be provided individually or as part of a total water treatment solution. The control system for the media filter can be dedicated to the filter or part of a total water system. Filtration systems are designed specifically for your application using either fiberglass, PVC, lined carbon steel or stainless steel in the materials of construction. Furthermore, each filter may be equipped with the MASTERedge™ package, a system of features that provides even greater value.


Technical Data
MMF1212 [305]2-9 [8-34]
MMF1818 [457]4-21 [15-79]
MMF2424 [610]6-38 [23-144]
MMF3030 [762]10-59 [38-223]
MMF3636 [914]14-85 [53-322]
MMF4242 [1067]19-115 [72-435]
MMF4848 [1219]25-151 [95-572]
MMF5454 [1372]32-191 [121-723]
MMF6060 [1524]39-236 [148-893]
MMF6666 [1676]48-285 [182-1079]
MMF7272 [1829]57-339 [216-1283]
MMF7878 [1981]66-398 [250-1507]
MMF8484 [2134]77-462 [297-1749]
MMF9090 [2286]88-530 [333-2006]
MMF9696 [2438]101-603 [382-2283]
MMF102102 [2591]113-681 [428-2578]
MMF108108 [2743]127-763 [481-2888]
MMF114114 [2896]142-851 [538-3221]
MMF120120 [3048]157-942 [594-3566]

Notes: Vessels up to 48” (1219 mm) in diameter are available in fiberglass. All vessels are available in carbon steel lined with Plasite 7159 and 316L stainless steel. Piping on fiberglass and carbon steel vessels is available in PVC, CPVC, and 316L stainless steel. Piping on 316L stainless steel vessels is available in 316L stainless steel.

  • Available individually or as part of a total water treatment solution
  • Full scope of materials of construction for any application – fiberglass, PVC, CPVC, lined carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Flexibility in controls: independent or part of a central control system.
  • Efficient component layout allows for ease of maintenance and calibration.
  • Customizable to customer specifications for valves, instruments and other mechanical components.
  • Optional complete validation package with IQ/OQ protocol execution.
  • Supported by MECO 24-hour customer service.
  • Backed by warranty.
Standard Features
  • Complete face piping configuration
  • Reduces number of terminal points
  • Reduces site piping cost and time
  • Generous freeboard
  • Reduces resin loss during backwash
  • Specialized distributor and underdrain design
  • Ensures proper flow distribution
  • Ensures proper flow distribution
  • Eliminates resin loss
  • No downstream resin trap or filter required
  • Pneumatic panel housing all pneumatic components facilitates maintenance and calibration
Equipment Details
  • PLC based control
  • Instrumented for operation and for maintenance
  • Premium valves and instrumentation
  • Galvanized rigid steel conduit
  • Stainless steel airlines
  • Stainless steel hardware


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