Why Meco

Our People

People Are The Difference: MECO Begins With The Best

We quench the world’s ever-increasing thirst for purified water. That’s what brings us together from diverse disciplines: engineering, design, drafting, machining, fabrication, management and service.

Companies talk about teamwork. We live it. And people around the world see the results of our commitment, every time we deliver the pure water they need to do the work that matters. Every time.

MECO is what happens when expertise and experience and innovation come together.

A Sampling of Our Difference

MECO People Profiles

There's nothing he doesn't know.

Chet Nunez

Director of Biopharmaceutical Applications

Chet Nunez lives up to your first impression. Calm, ready, smart and out front.

Chet’s been a MECO man for over two decades. He came to us knowing everything needed to configure our systems for our customers. Now he knows much more.

Chet knows engineering, service, sales and in-service applications. He makes MECO work best for people who need purified water most.

MECO begins with people like Chet Nunez, our Director of Biopharmaceutical Applications.

Give him a problem. It's solved.

Sharif Disi

Vice President of Sales

Sharif Disi brings all that we know and can do to critical points of production.

Sharif draws upon his experience of almost forty years with MECO to lead our worldwide sales initiative.

To people like Sharif, sales means service. Knowing more. Doing more. Making our systems work to solve unique customer needs. It means being the best.

MECO begins with people like Sharif Disi, our Vice President of Sales.

Give him raw materials, he'll give you excellence.

Austin Bodden, Sr.


It’s no stretch to say that the best people make the best products. It’s a fact.

Austin Bodden Sr. is a perfect example. He’s been making MECO components for half a century. The machines have changed. Austin’s priorities haven’t.

Some people don’t compromise. A few people pass the highest standards of their craft on to generations. One in a million becomes the core of a culture.

MECO begins with people like Austin Bodden, Sr., Fabricator.

Whatever, wherever, whenever he's needed.

Roy Chester

Maintenance Mechanic

MECO’s manufacturing facilities are safer because of Roy Chester.

As a Maintenance Mechanic, Roy keeps the place up to the mark. He does what it takes to provide a cleaner, better working environment for his colleagues.

A pristine shop produces systems that deliver pure water. MECO people know they can count on Roy and his experience of twenty years on the job.

MECO begins with people like Roy Chester, Maintenance Mechanic.

When it's a matter of trust, he earns it.

Bob Gray

Vice President (Retired)

Bob Gray has been building the MECO brand on performance since 1968.

Back in the day, Bob designed a vapor compression unit so dependable it was known as the BG Special. Dependability has always been his specialty.

Bob believes that what he sells is not just a product but a promise. It’s a promise our customers trust because of Bob Gray and people like him.

MECO begins with people like Bob Gray, (retired) Vice President.

He connects people and builds solutions.

Don Villarrubia

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Don is the Manufacturing Engineering Manager at MECO’s facility in Mandeville, Louisiana. An adept communicator and problem solver, Don is a critical link between the design/engineering team, and the manufacturers who build MECO’s water purification systems.