MECO Multiple Effect Stills for Pharmaceutical-Grade Water

Multiple effect distillation is the most commonly used method for the production of Water for Injection (WFI) throughout the world. MECO multiple effect distillers are designed to produce Water for Injection (WFI) in accordance with all recognized international pharmacopoeias. The ME stills are modular in design and include options for simultaneous and exclusive pure steam production. In addition, the MECO multiple effect stills meet or exceed the latest cGMP requirements, including sanitary construction features such as double tubesheets on the first effect, interstage and condenser exchangers, sloped piping and low point drains, minimum deadlegs, and sanitary connections. MECO ME stills come equipped with a dual condenser mounted above the unit for gravity flow into the WFI tank. It’s all within our MASTERedge™ package, a multiple effect disillation system that provides even greater value.


Technical Data
3ME572-77 [273-291]220-260 [100-118]
4ME591-93 [344-352]220-260 [100-118]
5ME5109-111 [413-420]220-260 [100-118]
3ME10115-128 [435-485]350-430 [159-195]
4ME10151-156 [572-591]350-430 [159-195]
5ME10182-189 [689-715]350-430 [159-195]
4ME25289-294 [1094-1113]670-800 [304-363]
5ME25346-353 [1310-1336]670-800 [304-363]
6ME25341-382 [1291-1446]670-800 [304-363]
4ME40542-558 [2052-2112]1000-1200 [454-544]
5ME40537-598 [2033-2264]1000-1200 [454-544]
6ME40530-593 [2006-2245]1000-1200 [454-544]
4ME60795-818 [3009-3096]1500-1800 [680-816]
5ME60788-878 [2983-3324]1500-1800 [680-816]
6ME60777-871 [2941-3297]1500-1800 [680-816]
5ME801082-1137 [4096-4304]2100-2600 [953-1179]
6ME801102-1237 [4172-4683]2100-2600 [953-1179]
7ME801089-1204 [4122-4558]2100-2600 [953-1179]
5ME1201563-1645 [5917-6227]3000-3800 [1367-1724]
6ME1201594-1788 [6034-6768]3000-3800 [1367-1724]
7ME1201574-1741 [5958-6590]3000-3800 [1367-1724]
8ME1201537-1734 [5818-6564]3000-3800 [1367-1724]
5ME1501912-2013 [7238-7620]3700-4600 [1678-2087]
6ME1501950-2187 [7382-8279]3700-4600 [1678-2087]
7ME1501926-2130 [7291-8063]3700-4600 [1678-2087]
8ME1501882-2121 [7124-8029]3700-4600 [1678-2087]
6ME3003647-4089 [13,805-15,789]7000-8700 [3175-3946]
7ME3003601-3982 [13,631-15,074]7000-8700 [3175-3946]
8ME3003517-3966 [13,313-15,013]7000-8700 [3175-3946]


Notes: All distillate capacities are based on plant steam pressures between 110 and 125 PSIG (7.6 and 8.6 BARG). All pure steam capacities are based on the first effect being used exclusively to produce pure steam at 60 PSIG (4.1 BARG).

  • Produces Water For Injection (WFI) in accordance with all recognized pharmacopoeias
  • Options for simultaneous and exclusive pure steam production
  • Meets or exceeds cGMP/USP standards set by the pharmaceutical industry
  • All components manufactured by MECO in the U.S. (spare parts available)
  • Modular system design for ease of expansion
  • Efficient component layout allows for ease of maintenance and calibration
  • Customizable to customer specifications for valves, instruments and other mechanical components
  • Optional complete validation package with IQ/OQ protocol execution
  • Supported by MECO 24-hour customer service
  • Backed by warranty
Standard Features
  • Unit is completely piped, wired and assembled on skid(s) at the factory
    • Fully functional FAT
    • Reduces installation costs and startup time
  • Vertical natural circulation evaporators
    • Reduces scale effects
    • No circulation pumps or spray nozzles required
    • Straight annealed tubes in evaporator
      • Individual tubes can be replaced as opposed to replacing the entire tube bundle
      • No residual stresses or surface finish problems commonly found with U-tubes
    • Dual condensers
      • Eliminate possible contamination between feed and cooling water
    • Hot stand-by option
      • Improved response to distillate demand
      • Elimination of bio-growth
    • Sanitary construction and connections
    • PID loop control of WFI temperature
    • Optional PID loop control of feed water level and first effect pressure
    • PLC based controls
Equipment Details
  • Double tubesheet heat exchangers
  • Sloped piping and low point drains
  • Minimum deadlegs
  • 316/316L SS process contact components
  • 25 Ra standard process contact surfaces
  • Premium valves and instruments
  • Stainless steel air lines
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Mirror finish stainless steel cladding

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