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As engineers, we are methodical, detail-oriented, grounded in specifics of math and practical reasoning. That is the approach we bring to our work, for our customers. We are problem solvers by nature and by training. Everything we do is driven by our basic determination to find the simplest, most dependable and environmentally sustainable way to produce a better result. Our water purification solutions meet the demands and priorities of our clients’ applications. We research. We devise. We revise. We innovate. Our capabilities are as diverse as our clients’ needs. Across the world, our singular approach is working, answering the challenge of production in all its complexity. We are doing what we do best: supplying pure water for this day and tomorrow.



Mr. Gsell received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Tulane University and his master’s degree in Desalination Technology from Glasgow University. His specialties cover a wide range of desalination processes, including reverse osmosis, vapor compression and ultra-pure water production, as well as heat transfer, corrosion and scaling. He has been with MECO since 1984 and held the positions of project engineer, design engineer, sales engineer, vice president of sales and executive vice president of operations before being appointed president in September 1999. Mr. Gsell holds three patents for MECO.

Executive Vice President & CFO


Mr. Siragusa received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of New Orleans in 1980. He served as Assistant Manager of Internal Audit for International Ship Holding, Inc. for three years and as Audit Manager for Ernst & Young for eight years. Mr. Siragusa has been with MECO since 1991 where he served as Controller for five years, Spare Parts and Consumables Operating Manager and Vice President of Manufacturing, before assuming his present role as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.



Mr. Klein received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.  Mr. Klein worked at Riley Beaird for five years as Project Engineer for heat recovery systems. He has been with MECO since 1985 where he has held a variety of engineering and manufacturing positions since joining MECO and has been involved in many ways with all MECO products. These include large land based thermal and membrane water purification plants, U.S. Military contracts and a vast array of pharmaceutical grade water purification plants. Mr. Klein holds two patents for MECO.

Director of Europe and Asia Pacific Operations


Mr. Moe joined MECO more than a decade ago after completing service in the United States Army.  He earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of New Orleans in 2003.  Mr. Moe has led numerous projects and programs at MECO including the LWP development and production.  He has managed and developed numerous seawater desalination projects for various applications.  Over the years, Mr. Moe has become our expert on UF/MF membrane applications. He was promoted to General Manager of MECO Singapore office from 2011 until 2016. In April 2016, Mr. Moe became the Director of MECO Europe & Asia Pacific Operations. He is currently based out of the MECO Stafford, Texas office.

Manufacturing Manager


Mr. Mondello is the Manufacturing Manager. He has been with MECO since 2011. He has a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from Louisiana State University. Mr. Mondello has been MECO’s Quality Manager for the past six years. During his tenure in this position, Mr. Mondello has made significant contributions to our quality program and quality objectives as evidenced by all measures. His hard work and professionalism have made him an outstanding representative of MECO. As such, his experience has provided him with the opportunity to become intimately familiar with MECO system procedures, work processes, and the industry needs.

Quality and Safety Manager

Fredrick Dade

Mr. Dade joined MECO in February 2021. Mr. Dade has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M and has worked in Manufacturing and Quality since 1999. He has fourteen years of quality experience and was most recently a Quality Director with CDI Energy Products in Humble, TX.  Among other responsibilities, Mr. Dade will be responsible for various audits including ISO9001, ASME Pressure Vessels, client audits and the management of our quality system. He is responsible for all quality and safety activities; as well as personnel and strategic direction serving the biopharmaceutical, marine, food and beverage, industrial and defense markets. Mr. Dade manages and coordinates action plans for daily operations, sets priorities, and establishes short and long-term objectives for those departments.

Parts and Service Manager

Bill Essary

Mr. Essary joined MECO in 2003 as a Project Manager and assumed his current role as Parts and Service Manager in 2009. As Parts and Service Manager, Mr. Essary is responsible for the downstream support of clients, downstream business development of the firm, including the supply of spare parts and service. Prior to joining MECO, he spent 9 years in engineering, project management and procurement with Aquatech International, where he managed several domestic and international water treatment projects in various industries. Mr. Essary holds a BSc in industrial engineering from West Virginia University.

Marketing Manager

Natolie Herold Grabert

Mrs. Grabert joined MECO in 2014 and assumed her current role as Marketing Manager in 2017. Mrs. Grabert develops marketing strategy and implements initiatives co current with the firm’s objectives for business development. She is responsible for the firm’s brand management, market communications and all marketing activities. She is an active member of the AMA and is engaged with various international organizations the firm is associated with. Mrs. Grabert is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing.

Director of North American Sales

Michael Wojcik

Mr. Wojcik joined MECO as Northeast Regional Sales Manager in 2007 assuming his current role as Director of North American Sales in 2018. In his current role, he oversees domestic sales activities
working with regional sales managers. He is widely respected as an authority on ultrapure
water production for biopharm manufacturing. His expertise covers a range of thermal and membrane technologies along with storage, distribution and microbial control techniques. Prior to joining MECO, he worked in engineering and sales positions for 5 years at another water purification equipment supplier. Mike
graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BSc in Chemical Engineering.

General Manager of MECO Asia-Pacific

Jason Koh

Jason Joined MECO Singapore as Business Development Manager in 2013. Prior to joining MECO, he has more than 15 years’ experience in Technical Sales Roles in Asia region, covering mainly the Electronics
Manufacturing & Semi-Conductor industry. Has has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Nanyang Technological University and MBA from Adelaide University. He has taken over the General Manager Role
for MECO Singapore office since 2016, handling the Sales & Service for MECO Clients in the Asia Pacific Region.

General Manager of MECO Ireland Ltd.

James Clifford

James joined as General Manager for MECO Ireland in April 2021. He brings more than 15 years’ experience to MECO, having worked in a variety of engineering & commercial roles across manufacturing and medical device industries, including eight years with an Australian water pumping & purification equipment manufacturer. James has a Mechanical Engineering degree from National University of Ireland, Galway and a Master of Marketing from Melbourne Business School. James is responsible for handling the Sales & Service for MECO Clients in Europe.