Forward-Thinking Solutions for Reverse Osmosis

MECO RO units incorporate all of the components and instrumentation required for operation, as well as the versatility to adapt to specific customer requirements. Technical parameters such as cross flow rates and membrane flux are among the most conservative in the industry. When membrane fouling does occur, or there is a need for routine maintenance, you will find MECO’s MASTERsupport™ service capabilities to be the most comprehensive in the industry. Whether you need an industrial RO drinking water system, municipal wastewater treatment system, or pure water system for producing green hydrogen, MECO has the solution for you!


Technical Data
Permeate Rate in GPM [LPM]75 [284]150 [568]225 [852]300 [1136]400-413 [1514-1563]500-517 [1893-1957]600-620 [2271-2347]
Standard Features
  • Side entry piping on RO pressure vessels allows for easier cleaning and removal of membranes when the need arises
  • Integral cleaning system with pump, tank and instrumentation
  • Product water sample ports facilitate troubleshooting and allow probing of pressure vessels to isolate membrane problems
  • Cross flow exceeds manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Conservative flux rates
Equipment Details
  • Fiberglass RO Vessels
  • 316 SST high pressure pump
  • 316 SST high pressure piping
  • 304-316 SST cartridge filter housing
  • Galvanized rigid steel conduit
  • Stainless steel airlines
  • Integrated control and instrument panel
  • TEFC motors

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