Pharmaceutical-Grade Steam at Maximum Uptime

MECO pure steam and clean steam generators produce biopharmaceutical grade (USP, EP, JP, CP) pure steam used in pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotechnology manufacturing processes. The MECO Pure Steam Generator design affords superior separation, maximum reliability and advanced ethernet capable PLC control system with userfriendly OIT, all with ease of operation and maintenance.

MECO’s threestage separation system employs vertical disengagement, stainless steel baffles and a demister which ensures superior separation and steam dryness. With thousands of installations worldwide, MECO offers the broadest product line in the industry with sizes that range from as low as 200 pounds per hour (90 kilograms per hour) to 18,000 pounds per hour (8,165 kilograms per hour) of pure steam.

MECO pure/clean steam generators are designed in accordance with BPE and cGMP standards, including sanitary construction features like sloped piping, double tube sheet evaporators, low drain points, sanitary connections and minimum dead legs. Each of our biopharmaceutical steam generators is equipped with PID loops for precise control of the pure steam pressure and feed water level, providing rapid response to changes in the pure steam header all with stable operation.

Engineered to fit in almost any space, MECO pure steam generators are offered in both vertical and horizontal designs. Many options are available with our pure steam generators, including a pure steam sampling system to ensure product quality.


Technical Data


CS280V 200 – 330 [91 – 150]
CS550V 340 – 570 [154 – 259]
CS800V 630 – 1,000 [286 – 454]
CS1700V 1,100 – 1,800 [499 – 816]
CS4000V 2,480 – 4,100 [1,125 – 1,860]
CS6600V 4,050 – 6,550 [1,837 – 2,971]
CS8100V 6,000 – 8,400 [2,722 – 3,810]
CS11000V9,900 – 13,650 [4,490 –6,190]


CS5900H2,780-6,660 [1,261-3,021]
CS10000H4,720-11,310 [2,141-5,130]
CS13000H6,400-15,310 [2,903-6,944]

Notes: Pure steam capacities are dependent upon both the plant steam pressure provided and the pure steam pressure required. The capacity ranges shown above are based on 100-116 PSIG (6.9-7.6 BARG) plant steam pressure and 40-60 PSIG (2.8-4.1 BARG) pure steam pressure. A feed water temperature of 180°F (82°C), without the use of a feed heater, was also assumed.

  • Designed and built in accordance with cGMP requirements
  • All fabrication is by MECO in the U.S. (spare parts available)
  • Efficient component layout allows for ease of maintenance and calibration
  • Optional complete SAT package and execution
  • Supported by MECO 24-hour customer service
  • Backed by warranty
  • Unit is completely piped, wired, and assembled on a single skid at the factory
  • Fully functional FAT
  • Reduces installation costs and startup time
  • Natural circulation evaporator
  • Reduces scale effects
  • No circulation pumps or spray nozzles required
  • Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Minimal floor space required for vertical generators
  • Utilizes 3 stage separation technology
  • Sanitary construction and connections
  • PID loop control of feed water level and pure steam pressure
  • PLC based controls
  • Optional feed water preheating and/or deaeration
  • Optional steam quality sampling system
  • Optional Condenser for WFI production
  • Double tubesheet heat exchangers
  • Sloped piping and low point drains on product piping
  • Minimum deadlegs
  • 316/316L SS process contact components
  • Premium valves and instruments
  • Stainless steel air lines
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 304 SS cladding


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Benefits of Pure Steam Cleaning for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pure steam cleaning is beneficial and even necessary for the pharmaceutical industry. Consider the following benefits of using pure steam in pharmaceutics. 

Prevents Contaminants From Entering the System

Standard steam generators have many points where outside biological and chemical contaminants can enter the system and contaminate the steam. When steam is contaminated, the entire system and the products being produced are at risk of contamination. Pure steam equipment is designed to sterilize the steam at the point of vaporization and keep the steam clean throughout the entire process. The design of pure steam systems also helps prevent any contaminants from entering the system.

prevents microbial growth

Prevents Microbial Growth

Pure steam generators maintain steam at extremely high temperatures to prevent microbial growth in the steam system. Any parts of the system that are continuously exposed to the steam are sterilized. However, if any condensation occurs and cools down, the stationary water becomes an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. 

MECO pure steam generators are specifically designed to prevent condensed water from collecting in any part of the system. This allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to avoid contaminating their products.

Reduces Potential for Corrosion

Standard utility steam typically needs to be treated with chemicals to prevent corrosion in system components. Because clean steam goes through an in-depth purification process, clean steam is less corrosive. Without corrosive effects, the equipment can last longer and even produce products with more purity. Additionally, any pharmaceutical products being manufactured won’t be exposed to those corrosion-inhibiting chemicals.

MECO Steam Generator Applications

One of the most common uses for steam generators in pharmaceutical applications is steam in place (SIP). SIP uses pure steam generators to clean pharmaceutical equipment between production cycles. SIP is used as an extra cleaning measure after the equipment is cleaned in place. Pure steam is superheated to sanitize a variety of surfaces and pieces of equipment. For example, MECO steam generators are commonly used for sanitizing vessels and piping systems.

MECO pure steam generators are also frequently used in support of the following applications:

  • Sterilizers
  • Lyophilizers
  • Humidification of clean rooms

Learn More About MECO Biopharmaceutical Pure Steam Generators

Over our nine decades in business, we’ve strived to engineer comprehensive water purification and pure steam products, solutions and services to best serve our clients and their industries. In addition to our biopharmaceutical pure steam generators, MECO provides numerous services to ensure you and you’re team are supported with best-in-class service from MECO. 

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