Education and Training


The technology used in water purification is constantly changing. This is why it’s crucial that those who develop and operate these systems have a thorough understanding of the latest processes and equipment.

MECO is committed to taking the lead in providing options for continuing education for our clients and our employees. To make it easy, convenient and cost-efficient for companies to stay ahead of the learning curve, we offer three options for continuing education.



Service Seminars are held throughout the year in various cities across the country. Speakers provide in-depth information and tips regarding trends and innovations in water purification. Discussions include theory, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of various pharmaceutical water plants.

Service Seminars include:

  • Product-specific production standards
  • Pretreatment, production and storage/distribution equipment
  • PM outlines, pumps, valves and heat exchangers
  • Utilities, stroking valves and transmitter configuration
  • Lube system, vapor compressor and performance data collection

Let your entire team benefit from the in-depth knowledge and expertise of an experienced MECO engineer or technician. For this program, we send one of our experts to your location to speak to your staff. The seminar can cover the latest trends in critical utilities or be customized to a specific issue of interest.

Lunch and Learns include:

  • Customizable subject matter to clients’ requirements
  • Up to three MECO representatives, depending on content to be covered
  • Lunch or dinner catered for up to 20 customer team members
  • Remote expert speaker appearance capabilities via web conferencing

MECO offers a variety of custom and web-based seminars. This webinar series enables more engineers and technicians to gain the valuable insights and understanding they need without making a large time commitment or even leaving their desk.

  • Customizable subject matter to clients’ requirements
  • Expert engineers and service technicians
  • Real-time questions and answers
  • High-end audio and video quality
  • Mobile device enabled via Apple and Android
  • Event recording for distribution to team members and anytime reference

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