Sustainability Is Our Responsibility To The Environment And To Our Customers.

Water is the single most important element in the world and a vital source of life. Less than 1 percent of the Earth’s fresh water supply is fit for human consumption, and much of that is being compromised by over utilization, contamination and climatic influences.

At MECO, everything we do reflects our sense of responsibility to the industries, communities and people we serve. Purifying water is energy intensive. Our vapor compression machines cut energy consumption by 70 percent over conventional multiple effect distillers. We strive to ensure that our water purification solutions are clean and responsive to environmental priorities. When we purify water, we recover as much of our input as possible, minimizing discharge and reducing the water footprint. We understand that there is only one Earth. We are aligned with our customers in our commitment to sustainability.


Proprietary technology such as our MSS VC's GII Centurbo™ Compressor drastically lowers energy consumption, reduces oil usage, and dramatically lowers noise emission.

Our Vapor Compression machines cut energy consumption by 70% over conventional multiple effect distillers.

MECO's patented MASTERfit™ system uses 20% less feedwater and pretreatment consumables while rejecting 65% less water to drain.

Water recycled through retention ponds on the grounds of our manufacturing facility eliminate discharge of waste and reduces use of water from local aquifer

High efficiency lighting, electric forklifts and climate control systems reduce energy consumption and stress on environment