MECO Announces Enhanced Capacity of Proprietary Vapor Compression Technology

MECO VC Stills Now Producing Up To 7,200 GPH of Pure Water and WFI

MECO is proud to announce the enhanced production capacity of its Vapor Compression distillation product line featuring the GII Centurbo™ Compressor. Currently installed and utilized by pharmaceutical customers around the world, the MECO MSS VC, equipped with the GII-E Compressor, is producing up to 7,200 GPH of Purified Water and WFI. The GII Centurbo™ Compressor is the world standard in biopharmaceutical water distillation. In addition to the enhanced production capacity, the GII is the only true direct drive compressor on the market. Fewer parts means less maintenance, more runtime, greater reliability and lower cost. The variable output feature allows for production to need capability, saving MECO customers energy and money. The advanced lubrication system is cleaner and consumes less oil. It’s smaller and quieter than any other available compressor making for enhanced efficiencies and a better work environment.

“As our customers face growing industry demands, we are doing our part with even greater emphasis on innovation and new technologies”, said Kim Klein, Vice President of Engineering. “A dedicated team of engineers is currently in development of the GII-F Centurbo™ Compressor which will boast all the same attractive features with added capacity output of over 10,000 GPH.”

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VP of Engineering, Kim Klein (pictured), along with MECO President of George Gsell, holds patents for a vapor compression distillation system incorporating the GII Centurbo™ Compressor.

MECO MSS VC with GII-E Centurbo™ Compressor


Machine shop technician, Rachel Maxwell, molding a GII-E impeller


vapor compression distillation

Installation of a GII-E Centurbo™ Compressor onto a MSS VC unit


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