MECO Celebrates 20 Years of ISO 9001 Certification

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MECO Celebrates 20 Years of ISO 9001 Certification

Why Quality and Certification Matter.

MECO, a world leader in water purification, recently passed its audit to maintain its ISO 9001 certification. This marks 20 years that MECO has been in compliance and certified with ISO 9001.


ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard that outlines requirements for an effective Quality Management System. Compliance with the ISO9001 standard requires organizations in any industry to have a plan for continual improvement and meeting customer requirements.

MECO’s Quality Management System (QMS) was developed to demonstrate our ability to provide products and services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. MECO stresses active employee participation in the QMS to ensure customer satisfaction through continual improvement as stated in our company’s Quality Policy, which can be found displayed in various formats throughout our LA and TX locations. The quality management system is maintained and continually improved through the use of the quality objectives, audits (internal and external), analysis of data, monitoring of production processes, supplier management, initiatives, preventive action plans and management reviews.

Why is Certification Beneficial in the Water Industry?

Like so many other industries, water purification is a very challenging business. Water purification systems operating in various industries require different treatment methods and can yield various qualities of pure water. With changing regulations, a solid quality management system helps ensure that MECO’s operations produce the best quality of products and services for our customers.

MECO’s quality policy states, “There is no substitute for high quality. As such, MECO is totally committed to providing products and services that meet this standard. Through continuous improvement and active employee participation in the quality system, we are dedicated to meeting customers’ requirements.”

A recent survey revealed that the majority of MECO’s customers either believe or strongly believe that MECO is a trusted partner providing products and services that meet their needs.

There is a reason why MECO has been the trusted source for pure water for nearly 90 years. Discover why MECO is Where Tomorrow Gets Its Water. ™

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