MECO’s Largest Horizontal Pure Steam Generator Purchased By National Grocery Store Chain

Pure Steam Generator

MECO’s Largest Horizontal Pure Steam Generator is Being Utilized by National Grocery  Store Chain to Sanitize Food Products and Produce

MECO, a world leader in water purification and pure steam production, has designed and constructed our largest horizontal pure steam generator for a U.S. national grocery store chain. The MECO CS13000H PSG unit produces up to 15,310 lbs. /hr. [6,944 kg. /hr.] of pure steam which will sanitize the equipment used in handling food products and produce. The horizontal configuration of the pure steam generator is an efficient component to the chain’s facility layout and allows for ease of maintenance and calibration. MECO’s pure steam units are designed and built in accordance with cGMP requirements including sanitary construction features such as double tube sheet evaporators, sloped piping, low point drains, minimum dead legs and sanitary connections. Our pure steam generators are utilized by multiple industries including food & beverage processes, biopharmaceutical and life sciences sterilization processes.

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