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MECO Announces Advancement in Water Purification Technology for Biopharmaceutical Industry

Vapor Compression Still featuring revolutionary GII Centurbo™ Compressor

 is cleaner, quieter and more efficient


(May 2011)– MECO, a worldwide leader in water purification, has unveiled the ideal enhancement to its Vapor Compression Still technology for the production of USP Purified water and WFI (Water for Injection), the “GII Centurbo™ Compressor.”  Smaller, cleaner and quieter, the GII Centurbo™ Compressor makes MECO’s Vapor Compression Still the world’s most efficient and reliable water distillation system available today.

“Our customers are demanding greater efficiencies, maximum uptime and greener solutions in their manufacturing processes,” said George Gsell, President of MECO. “In response, we’ve equipped our Vapor Compression Still with our proprietary GII compressor technology.  The result is the most innovative water distillation system available.”

The GII Compressor is exceptionally lightweight, quiet and clean, with features that enhance efficiency and reliability.  The design is a directly driven, variable speed, centrifugal machine that eliminates the traditional need for intermediate gear boxes, belt drives or flex couplings.  As a result, it features fewer parts than its predecessor and less than 10% of the parts of other industrial compressors, which increases its reliability and reduces maintenance substantially. The new GII technology is exceptionally quiet at less than 80 decibels. The GII sets a new standard for variable output that is designed to vary with production demand in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce starts and stops. An advanced lubrication system uses only air and a mist of oil to cool and lubricate the bearings eliminating the need for storing, filtering, cooling, recirculating and changing large quantities of oil.

MECO is the leading manufacturer of Vapor Compression stills for pharmaceutical grade water production with over 1000 installations worldwide, generating USP (United States Pharmacopeia) purified and WFI (water for injection) water per hour. As the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry continues to evolve with breakthrough drugs that help people live longer, healthier lives, leading drug manufacturers are setting standards with demands for even greater efficiencies. With this in mind, MECO designed every feature of the new GII Centurbo™ Compressor with efficiency at the core.


About MECO

MECO is a manufacturer of engineered products for water purification serving multiple industries.  It produces the broadest range of products available in the biopharmaceutical market for the production of WFI and USP Purified Water.  The technologies include filtration, reverse osmosis, electro deionization, multiple effect distillation, vapor compression distillation and pure steam generators.  The company designs and constructs complete water systems utilizing these technologies for its biopharmaceutical customers.  MECO is the world’s leading producer of water purification plants for the offshore oil and gas platforms as well as a critical supplier to the U.S. Government and armed forces.

MECO is a US based company with facilities in Houston, TX and Covington, LA and Singapore.  For more information, visit