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MECO Announces New Corporate Residence in Ireland

LIMERICK, IRE. – SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 – Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton TD today announced that MECO, a leading manufacturer of engineered products for water purification, is to open its European headquarters in the National Technology Park in Limerick, with tax incentives for up to 44 new jobs. The development is supported by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation through IDA Ireland.

The new office is a reflection of MECO’s mission to provide the most reliable and responsive service to customers across the globe. “Europe continues to enjoy positive growth in the biopharmaceutical markets and represents opportunities for our other focus industries,” said MECO’s President George Gsell. “Our fully staffed, strategically located office in Ireland will service our existing customers as well as support our planned expansion of new customers throughout Europe.”

Over the past 10 years MECO has grown its portfolio of drug manufacturers, oil and gas producers and food and beverage companies in Europe. They tap MECO for water purification systems that produce pure water critical to their operations. From highly purified water used for injectable drugs to potable water serving workforce on oil rigs to distilled water in bottles on grocery shelves, MECO’s sole focus is engineered products for water purification.

The company holds 27 patents for a variety of water purification technologies and continuously develops and enhances those technologies to meet the growing demands of industries they serve. Take vapor compression, for example. In 1939, MECO patented the vapor compression process for desalinating seawater. Since then, the company has developed its vapor compression technology to serve the growing global demand for highly pure, energy efficient water production in the pharmaceutical industry. “Drug manufacturers throughout Europe are quickly embracing vapor compression distillation as the process of choice for production of purified water and water for injection,” said Michael Smith-Palmer, General Manager of MECO Europe. “We’re well positioned to support our customers as our vapor compression technology, featuring the GII Centurbo Compressor, is arguably the market’s superior solution.” MECO has successfully installed over 700 vapor compression stills worldwide with production capacity ranging from 600 to 8,000 gallons per hour.

Minister Bruton said: ““Life sciences is a key target for investment as part of our Action Plan for Jobs. This is a hugely important area which has the capacity to bring employment to a range of skill levels and in regional locations, and since taking office we have put in place a range of new supports for businesses in this area. Today’s announcement that MECO, a leading engineering and manufacturing company in the water area, is establishing a new operation in Limerick and creating 44 jobs is an important boost for the Mid-West, and I wish George and his team every success with this project”.

IDA Ireland’s CEO Martin Shanahan said: “We are excited that this leading water purification company has chosen Ireland as their business hub for Europe. This strategic move positions MECO for impressive growth in Ireland and throughout the rest of Europe. I look forward to MECO being a productive growth partner for Ireland’s biopharmaceutical, oil and gas, food and beverage and other industries they serve.”

About MECO:

MECO is a manufacturer of engineered products for water purification. Founded in 1939, MECO launched its business with the patent for using vapor compression distillation for desalination of seawater in the early years of offshore oil exploration and the US Armed forces in World War II. From there the company steadily and methodically broadened its scope and capabilities to become a world leader serving the biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, industrial, military and power generation industries. MECO is headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana where, in its newly constructed, state-of-the-art facility, the company engineers and manufactures capital equipment for every critical utility required by the industries it serves. In addition to Louisiana, MECO has fully staff offices in Houston, Texas, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Its newest office in Ireland is at Roselawn House, University Business Complex, National Technology Park, Limerick.