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MECO Desalination System Aboard World Record Platform

Recently, the Umm Lulu Gas Treatment Platform (ULGTP) broke a Guinness World Records™ (GWR) title for the ‘Heaviest single-module topside on a fixed steel jacket.’ The record-beating, ULGTP set on a fixed steel jacket weighs 31,515 metric tonnes.¹ The total weight of the super complex is over 102,648 metric tonnes (MT).¹ The MECO desalination systems aboard the ULGTP consist of two 1250M3C vapor compression desalination units and potable water pressure sets with UV sterilization. Each unit produces 1,030 GPH (3.9 m3/hr.) of water that is used as potable and clean utility water for the complex. MECO vapor compression desalination plants are work horses of the industry back by over 90 years of experience and worldwide customer support and service. 


MECO is a manufacturer of engineered products for water purification serving multiple industries. It produces the broadest range of products available in the pharmaceutical and biotech markets for the production of WFI and Purified Water. The technologies include filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, multiple effect distillation, vapor compression distillation and pure steam generators. The company designs and constructs complete water systems utilizing these technologies for its pharmaceutical and biotech customers. MECO is the world’s leading producer of water purification plants for the offshore oil and gas platforms as well as a critical supplier to the U.S. Government and armed forces. MECO is a Louisiana based company with facilities in Houston, TX, Mandeville, LA., Limerick, Ireland and Singapore.



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