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MECO Files Patent on Novel Biopharmaceutical Pretreatment System

MECO’s new system is an innovative approach to control microbial bacteria within a carbon filter at all times. Carbon filters are commonly used to remove chlorine within water treatment systems to prevent damage to downstream equipment. The removal of chlorine promotes the growth of biological activity within the carbon bed and downstream piping and processes. Current technology utilizes steam or recirculating hot water to sanitize filter beds and control microbial activity. MECO’s new innovation was developed by Jason N Haldiman and negates the need for recirculation. The non recirculating, self sanitizing carbon filter eliminates the downtime needed for periodic heat sanitization and complex recirculation systems generally used for continuous hot systems. The new carbon bed design minimize the energy requirements of a certain water systems.

MECO produces the broadest range of products available in the biopharmaceutical market for the production of Water For Injection and SP Purified Water. The technologies include filtration, reverse osmosis, electro deionization, multiple effect distillation, vapor compression distillation and pure steam generation. The company designs and constructs complete water systems utilizing these technologies for its biopharmaceutical customers.