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MECO Honors the 74th Anniversary of D-Day

MECO Honors the 74th Anniversary of D-Day


Today, MECO remembers D-Day and all the lives lost on June 6, 1944.  We honor all of the brave American and Allied soldiers who risked their lives to put an end to World War II. On the beaches of Normandy, France, over 300,000 Allied soldiers died and thousands more suffered. 74 years later, their bravery and valor are not forgotten. MECO will never forget the sacrifice these soldiers made in the name of freedom.


MECO is proud to have helped the brave Allied Soldiers of World War II by providing water purifying systems to the war effort.  In 1941, MECO delivered our first desalination machine to the War Department, and our company provided hundreds of more water systems throughout the war effort.  Our units, nicknamed the MECO Watermakers, were able to produce clean drinking water from almost any source, including ocean brine, swamp water, infested streams, and stagnant puddles.  No matter the conditions the soldiers had to endure, Allied forces had access to safe drinking water wherever a MECO unit was present.  MECO is honored we were able to support the efforts for freedom in WWII by providing drinking water to soldiers where fresh water was scarce.

For 90 years, MECO has provided innovative water purification solutions for a variety of customers, including those fighting in places where freedom is at risk. The world depends on people who depend on MECO, because pure water is essential for life.  At MECO, we solve problems and create solutions that make clean, accessible water a priority. Discover our world of water and why MECO is Where Tomorrow Gets Its Water