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MECO Increases Manufacturing Capacity by 40%

MECO has increased its manufacturing capacity and operations by 40% to meet the demands for MECO high-purity water and steam systems. MECO’s enhanced capacity allows for dedicated assembly spaces for our vapor compression systems, pretreatment, Purified Water, and Membrane-Based WFI systems and additional warehousing. As the demand for MECO systems continues to climb with sustainability at the forefront, we continue to provide the high-purity water systems needed to produce the world’s groundbreaking therapies, vaccines, and medicines.

MECO’s investment has enhanced our operations and capabilities to produce the highest quality product for our clients. The new space ensures MECO meets the demand for our high-purity water systems critical to our client’s operations.


MECO is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing water purification solutions for various industries, using a broad array of technologies. The company offers a complete line of water treatment solutions focusing on the industrial market, possessing unique capabilities, especially within the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage sectors.