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MECO increases manufacturing efficiencies to Mandeville facility with the QuickMill Intimidator Gantry Machining Center

MECO’s Mandeville facility has significantly enhanced its manufacturing efficiencies by incorporating the QuickMill INTIMIDATOR 120-120-24 gantry machining center. The Intimidator is a game-changer in improving our machining setup for drilling and offloading tube sheets.  With the Intimidator, we can now complete our tube sheet drilling process with only two setups instead of six, significantly reducing machining and labor hours. The Intimidator can handle workpieces of any weight, from the smallest to the largest tube sheet, for vapor compression stills.

This investment has increased our operational capacity and provided exceptional performance and productivity throughput for our water purification manufacturing. At MECO, we are committed to continuously innovating and improving our lean manufacturing processes to deliver the best water purification systems to our valued customers.



MECO is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of water purification solutions for various industries, using a broad array of technologies. The company offers a complete line of water treatment solutions focusing on the industrial market, possessing unique capabilities, especially within the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage sectors.