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MECO Welcomes Aaron Gladue as MECO’s new US Southeast Regional Manager

MECO is pleased to welcome Aaron Gladue as MECO’s new US Southeast Regional Manager. Mr. Gladue brings more than 14 years’ experience to MECO, having worked in a variety of roles supporting USP Purified Water systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing and other critical process utilities for industry. Much of his career has been focused on developing water purification solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, but also includes a wide range of other experience with applications involving temperature control and heat transfer, industrial wastewater treatment, power generation, compressed air systems, and utility water treatment. Aaron is based in the Richmond, VA area and is responsible for supporting MECO Clients in MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, WV, eastern KY, eastern TN (including Nashville), and AL.

Please help us give a warm welcome to Mr. Gladue on joining the MECO team!


MECO is a world leader in the design and construction of engineered products for water purification serving industries where water is considered a critical utility. MECO designs and constructs proprietary machinery and systems for the biopharmaceutical industry where ultrapure water is the primary ingredient in the manufacture of drugs and medical devices. The company manufactures a broad base of desalination technologies to the offshore oil and gas industry for use on platforms, drilling rigs and remote locations. Armed forces of the United States and other countries have used MECO products since World War II.