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New Enhanced Membrane Systems by MECO

Ultrafiltration Makes all the Difference

The use of Ultrafiltration membranes as a pretreatment step can simplify the water treatment process, replacing other less effective components, improve system reliability and reduce maintenance.

MECO’s Enhanced Membrane Systems are used in critical biopharmaceutical applications to improve or eliminate downstream reverse osmosis operations.

They are also employed by the U.S. Military on MECO’s new Lightweight Water Purifier to treat any water anywhere.

Marine Oil and Gas companies use MECO’s enhanced membrane systems in West Africa river estuaries and other harsh environments. The systems are automatically backwashable and chlorine tolerant reducing the need for operator oversight and frequent cleanings.

MECO is a world leader in the design and construction of engineered products for water purification serving industries where water is considered a critical utility. The company manufactures a broad base of desalination technologies to the offshore oil and gas industry for use on platforms, drilling rigs and remote locations. MECO designs and constructs proprietary machinery and systems for the biopharmaceutical industry where ultrapure water is the primary ingredient in the manufacture of drugs and medical devices. Armed forces of the United States and other countries have used MECO products since World War II. The company’s latest military product, the Lightweight Water Purified (LWP), is being used in current conflicts around the globe.