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US Army Takes Delivery of 200 Lightweight Water Purifiers

Over 200 of MECO’s Lightweight Water Purifiers (LWP’s) have been shipped to the US Army marking a major milestone for both MECO and the United States Army. The MECO LWP has performed exceptionally well in Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and other parts of the world. The LWP is a key enabler in the US Army’s transformation to a lighter more lethal and mobile force.

The LWP is the world’s most advanced lightweight mobile water treatment for military, civilian and disaster relief applications. MECO’s LWP is a new and unique capability for armed forces and far exceeds the capability of any other military or commercial device currently available. The LWP produces 125 gallons per hour of freshwater from a brackish water source or 75 gallons per hour from a seawater source. The LWP removes Nuclear, Biological or Chemical agents from the water supply, is set up in 45 minutes and operated by one soldier. The LWP fits in the back of a HMVEE, a Blackhawk helicopter and is air droppable. For more information visit

MECO is a manufacturer of engineered products for water purification serving a multiple of industries. The company has a history of providing products and services to the US Armed forces dating as far back as World War II. The companies military products include mobile water purification plants, pumps and marine heat exchangers. MECO is also the world’s leading producer of water purification plants for offshore oil and gas platforms and the biopharmaceutical industry where ultrapure water is the primary ingredient in the drug manufacturing process.