Storage & Distribution for Pharmaceutical Companies


Total Solution Providers from Idea to Implementation

MECO storage & distribution system components offer you tremendous flexibility for your facility or city water distribution system. The capacity and configuration of these individual components are specifically designed in consideration of all aspects of upstream water production and downstream water usage to create efficient water systems.


Technical Data

S&D does not have model numbers

  • Available individually or as part of a total water treatment solution
  • Meets or exceeds the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry and cGMP requirements
  • Wide range of sizes and options available to fit your unique requirements
  • Efficient component layout allows for ease of maintenance and calibration
  • Customizable to customer specifications for valves, instruments and other mechanical components
  • Optional complete validation package with IQ/OQ protocol execution
  • Supported by MECO 24-hour customer service
  • Backed by warranty
Standard Features
  • Unit is completely piped, wired and assembled on skid(s) at the factory
    • Reduces installation costs and startup time
  • Sanitary construction and connections
  • Pumps with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
    • Allows for PID loop control of flow and pressure
  • Hot water sanitizable
  • PLC based controls
Equipment Details
  • Double tubesheet heat exchangers
  • Sloped piping and low point drains
  • Minimum deadlegs
  • 25 Ra standard process contact surfaces
  • Premium valves and instruments
  • Polypropylene or stainless steel air lines
  • Stainless steel hardware

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