MECO Containerized Reverse Osmosis Packaged System (MCRO)


MECO’s MCRO is a packaged system consisting of containerized units that are custom designed and fitted within shipping containers as wide as 40 feet long. Utilizing the proven MECO marine reverse osmosis (MMRO) design, the units offer a pretreatment system to minimize operator maintenance and improve reliability as well as an option for ultrafiltration (UF) technology to eliminate the need to replace cartridge filters. All MECO clients benefit from MECO’s exclusive MASTERsupport™ service capabilities.


Technical Data
MCRO 3030 [114]
MCRO 5050 [189]
MCRO 7575 [284]
MCRO 100100 [379]
MCRO 125125 [473]
  • Conforms to World Health Organization (WHO) standards for potable use
  • Properly insulated, lighted and air-conditioned in cube shipping containers as tall as 40 feet
  • Advanced pretreatment system to minimize operator intervention and maintenance and improve reliability
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) technology to eliminate the need to replace cartridge filters as well as substantially minimize the cleaning and replacement of RO membranes
  • UF membranes capable of almost complete removal of suspended solids (TSS of less than 0.1 mg/lt and turbidity of less than 0.3 NTU), six-log removal of bacteria and four-log removal of viruses
  • Automatically backwashed pretreatment system using chemically enhanced filtrate water from UF membranes
  • Option for automated and intelligent operation to minimize operator intervention
  • Designed to sense the feedwater temperature and salinity
  • Installation with “plug and play” capability
  • Compact space for small footprint

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