Membrane-based Reverse Osmosis System for Cultivated Meat Production

MASTERpak™ULTRA for Pure Water Generation

The compact MASTERpak™ULTRA is a complete solution for producing pure water for the production of lab-grown meat using membranes. It integrates MECO’s pretreatment, RO, EDI and UF product technologies in an ergonomic design for optimal performance and sampling access. This single-packaged skid comes with comprehensive services like commissioning, validation, and preventive maintenance. This total solution eliminates field integration issues and provides you with exceptional value.

A Strict Process for Purity

The MASTERpak™ULTRA offers scalable standard designs ranging from 0.2 – 16 m3/h (1 – 70 gpm) of WFI. Each unit is factory-assembled and fully wet-tested prior to shipment. We follow rigorous company standards that exceed current industry guidelines for manufacturing and are ISO 9001 certification. That way, we’re able to guarantee that each MASTERpak™ULTRA system will produce the quantity and quality of distilled water for injection required.


Technical Data
MP2Ultra1 – 3 [4 – 11]
3 – 5 [11 – 19]
6 – 8 [23 – 30]
9 – 13 [34 – 49]
17 – 26 [64 – 98]
28 – 50 [106 – 189]
59 – 68 [223 – 257]
  • Completely pre-packaged “plug and play” system
  • Product quality exceeds current USP, Ph. Eur., & JP standards for Water For Injection (WFI)
  • Hot water sanitizable
  • Innovative control technology
  • Process monitoring
  • Optional complete validation package with IQ/OQ protocol execution
  • Supported by MECO 24-hour customer service
  • Backed by warranty
  • Efficient component layout
  • Low maintenance costs
Standard Features
  • All major pretreatment, RO, EDI, and UF components located on skid(s)
  • Unit is completely piped, wired, and assembled at the factory
    • Fully functional wet FAT
    • Reduces installation costs and startup time
  • Automatic backwash, rinse, recirculation and sanitization functions
  • Feedwater PID loop
    • Allows for fluctuations in feedwater pressure and temperature without affecting performance
  • Backwashable and Sanitizable Carbon Filter
    • Eliminates channeling associated with non-backwashable designs
    • Reduces operational costs
    • Increases reliability as compared to chemical injection
  • Pump with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
    • Allows for unit operation, chemical cleaning, and sanitization functions all with a single pump
  • Automatic hot water sanitization
  • Manual chemical sanitization
  • Recirculation mode
    • Allows unit to continue operation when no water is being drawn from the system
Equipment Details
  • Stainless Steel Feedwater Break Tank
  • TEFC motor
  • PVC pretreatment piping
  • Sanitary 316L SST permeate and EDI piping
  • Polypropylene air lines
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Single point power supply
  • Electric heating element for tempering feed water and sanitization

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