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Waste Heat

Extreme Conditions. Extreme Reliability.

MECO Waste Heat Evaporators have been a workhorse in the offshore marine industry for over 60 years. They are commonly used on drilling rigs, offshore platforms, shipboard applications and in industrial applications. The units are known for their simplicity, ease of operation and low maintenance requirements.

MECO has been manufacturing waste heat distillation plants for over 50 years. The fact that hundreds of those initial units are still in operation today speaks to the superior design and high quality construction. With every new distiller, you enjoy the "MECO Advantage." It's our way to describe the unique design, component selection and operational philosophy of the MECO Plate Distiller (MPD) product line. Each unit features user-friendly designs, finely crafted parts and capacity variations with the addition of plates.

Superior Design

MECO Waster Heat Distillers are available in single-stage and two-stage configurations for reduced load applications. They are equipped with a single brine eductor, distillate pump and control panel. These units also can be fitted with intermediate heat exchanger loops and expansion tanks for high temperature applications.

High Quality Construction

MECO Plate Distillers feature titanium plates and a stainless steel evaporator shell.

Ease Of Maintenance

MECO's unique plate design for distillers gives you the flexibility to add or remove plates to allow for variations of capacity. Best of all, you can do this with having to remove any of the piping. MECO Plate Distillers also feature a removable evaporator head, which makes for easier access and maintenance. In fact, it's designed so that it can be cleaned without removing any plates. Plus, evaporator sight glasses and seawater evaporation external to the heat transfer surface allow for routine inspection of operating conditions.

High quality MECO plates are specifically designed for watermakers. The unique design prevents rapid salt buildup, which is often found with other plate designs.


Our plates feature a horizontal channel along the bottom and vertical channels on the pattern of the plate. As a result, water is evenly distributed over the entire plate. It also allows the saltwater to efficiently pass to the top of the plate, where it evaporates.

Q: How much does it cost to operate a waste heat watermaker?

A: Relative to other processes, not much. As the name "waste heat" implies, the driving force for distillation is heat that otherwise would have no value. Examples are diesel engine jacketwater, exhaust gas or bleed steam. The absence of moving parts, membranes, etc. helps minimize maintenance costs.

Q: Why not always use waste heat as a means of producing freshwater?

A: Waste heat typically is the first choice if viable. However, the amount of heat available may not be enough to generate the water required. In addition, waste heat loads often fluctuate and the demand for water is not coincident with these fluctuations.

Q: How do installation costs compare with other alternatives?

A: Installation costs for waste heat evaporators are typically more and, in some cases, may be prohibitive. Unlike electrically driven RO & VC watermakers that can be placed anywhere onboard a ship or rig, waste heat units must be plugged into the available heat load.

Q: I know waste heat units operate at low temperature under a vacuum, but we have high temperature waste heat available. Can the unit be operated with a high temperature waste heat supply?

A: Most waste heat evaporators operate on diesel engine jacket water supplies that provide heating at approximately 185° F. However, it is not uncommon to utilize exhaust gases or other medium at substantially higher temperatures. In this case, we fit intermediate heat exchanger loops and expansion tanks to the system to utilize the higher temperature waste heat

Q: Two types of waste heat units are available - some use plates and others use tubes. Which system is better?

A: It depends upon your application. The titanium plate type evaporators can be low cost, light weight and easier to access. Their narrow passages, however, can become problematic in dirty feed waters. An alternative approach that is good for troublesome feed waters is the tube type evaporator.

High Quality Parts and Construction

MECO’s MASTERedge™ Waste Heat Distillers are constructed with materials of the highest quality. Heat transfer surfaces are available in titanium or 90/10 copper nickel alloy. In addition, evaporator shells are available in stainless steel or 90/10 copper nickel alloy. These units also feature bronze vacuum eductors.

Fully Piped and Complete Instrumentation

With a MECO MASTERedge™ Waste Heat Distiller, you get a unit that is completely piped and ready for your connections. This includes a feedwater control valve, distillate to storage and automatic distillate to dump valves. As for instruments and gauges, it features a conductivity monitor, pressure gauges, temperature gauges and flowmeters for distillate and feedwater.

Standout Features Include:

  • NEMA 4 control panels for motor starters, circuit breakers, hourmeter and relays.
  • Centrifugal pumps of bronze with Monel shafts
  • TEFC motors, IEE 45, 50°C ambient temperature, Cl B insulation
  • Titanium plate type heat exchanger
  • Cabling in rigid conduit
  • Manifolded stainless steel airline

Anytime. Anywhere.

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week access to effectively manage your water system.

Real Time Access to:

  • Purchase spare parts online
  • Track status of outstanding orders
  • Review shipping information
  • Review invoice/payment history
  • Review online maintenance records
  • Request technical information
  • Online electronic manuals
  • Remote system monitoring capabilities

MECO understands the importance of providing our customers with the parts and services required to maintain systems operating at optimum capacity. Our online service center - MECO MASTERsupport™ -is a good example of that. It enables you to monitor your system remotely, place orders, access service records and view your system's manuals when it's convenient for you. Anytime. Anywhere.

With a simple point and click, our entire parts inventory is available to you. Through the online service center, you also get real-time access to invoices, orders, shipping status, system manuals and service trip reports. Everything you need to know to effectively manage and maintain your treatment plant is right at your fingertips.

It's another example of MECO's commitment to providing the highest quality spare parts and cost effective support throughout the life-cycle of the product.

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