How Automation Services from MECO is Changing Water Treatment for the Better

Illustration of control system

Water systems are not impervious to issues like obsolescence, threat of new technologies, and consistency of unit operation within facilities. That’s why MECO invested in automation services capabilities to help alleviate these situations for our customers.

Automation leads to improved processes, creating a chain of benefits in the industry. As systems and methods work better, companies can expect to see reduced costs, preservation of resources, and more. Here’s how automation is changing water treatment.

Reduces Costs

Energy can be the most significant expense at biopharm manufacturing facilities. It is also where automation can ease cost burdens.

MECO’s legacy control system migrations reduce cost by replacing older technology, which uses limited supply electronic components. These limited supply electronic components increase the cost of the older technology parts. Also, commonality of parts with newer equipment allows end users to stock spare parts to be used as replacement parts on any piece of equipment. This helps reduce downtime and inventory.

Replacing a Direct-On-Line (DOL) starter with a Reduced Voltage Starter or Variable Frequency Drive can also prevent costly energy spikes.

Saves on Resources

Water is finite. With better data provided by automation services, we can limit the amount of reject water.

Combining a GII Centurbo™ Compressor upgrade with legacy control system migration can provide longer run times resulting in less starting/stopping of equipment and less water to waste. Using the turn down capability of the GII not only provides energy savings, but also reduces the amount of reject water to drain during operation of vapor compression stills.

MECO is also dedicated solely to water generation and distribution. The automation team is uniquely suited to evaluate water for injection (WFI) usage and SCADA system data to optimize the generation of that WFI.

Allows for In-Depth Online Monitoring

There has been a rise in remote work, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While working from a secluded beach somewhere may not always be an option, automation does provide the ability to monitor processes remotely. It’s one way automation is changing the water industry.

A legacy control system migration coupled with MECO smartANALYTICS™ allows for in-depth online monitoring. Using additional instrumentation with smartANALYTICS™ also allows MECO engineering to optimize system performance, provide predictive maintenance, and reduce downtime.

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