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Hurricane Katrina dealt a blow, but MECO is now better than ever

Recently, MECO was affected by one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the United States of America. New Orleans, our home since the company started in 1943, was largely destroyed by the impact of Hurricane Katrina. The devastation is unimaginable, many scars will never heal, and the rebuilding process will likely take decades. However, among the destruction and debris, allies and competitors joined together to offer MECO a hand. Many in our company lost nearly everything they owned. And it was this helping hand, from people everywhere that kept many from losing hope.

Today, out of our new facility in Houston, we look forward to returning home to help rebuild what was lost and are optimistic about our future.

MECO is now poised to be better than ever. But no matter how we try, we will never be able to match the purity of the generosity we have recently experienced and would like, on behalf of the entire MECO family, to thank everyone who helped assure that no matter how much was lost, hope would always be retained.