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MECO Reverse Osmosis Plant Provides More Than 3 Million GPD of Fresh Water to Seymour

MECO designed and manufactured a purified water system for the city of Seymour, Texas. The design features trains of reverse osmosis (RO) plants that produce more than 3 million GPD of pure water. By the end of the week, the plant was fully operational and meeting the city’s daily demand for water.

Seymour is a rural community located 150 miles west of Dallas with a population of approximately 3,000 people. Due to the farms and other agricultural business in the area, the level of nitrates in the wells used to supply water to the city is very close to the limit allowed by state regulations. The water produced by the new treatment plant not only lowers the nitrate level by more than 50 percent but helps to soften the water significantly.

The heart of the system is two 700 gallon per minute reverse osmosis skids, which operate automatically by computer control based on the demand for freshwater. Chemical pretreatment and filtration along with post-treatment degasification are provided to insure protection for the RO membranes and to minimize dissolved gasses (i.e. carbon dioxide) in the permeate. A specialized membrane cleaning system is included to maximize plant efficiency by removing contaminants which can shorten the membrane life cycle.

The plant has other cost-saving design features such as a clear well sump in which permeate is mixed with incoming feedwater, thereby reducing the amount of water requiring treatment by the RO system. The entire plant along with the feed and storage tanks is designed to run with minimal operator supervision through the use of state of the art PLC controls housed in a separate climate-controlled room.