Why Water is a Critical Issue for Infrastructure Week 2019

Reverse Osmosis Water Machine

A high-functioning infrastructure isn’t just nice to have. It’s necessary for individuals, businesses and institutions around the world. While infrastructure is a global concern, this week, it’s top of mind in the United States as it is the 7th annual dedicated infrastructure week where businesses, citizens and elected leaders unite to bring awareness on funding for national infrastructure. A recent survey conducted by The Value of Water Campaign showed that American voters demonstrate continual bipartisan support for an increase in federal infrastructure investments. Specifically, they believe it’s critical that the president and Congress implement a plan to rebuild our water infrastructure.

85 percent of Americans support (with 52 percent strongly supporting) increasing federal investment to rebuild our water infrastructure—including pipes, pumps, reservoirs, treatment plants, and other facilities.

-From the Fourth Annual Value of Water Index

Water infrastructure is fundamental to our lives, communities, and economy

Water is such an integral part of our daily lives that we often take it for granted. It’s so ubiquitous to every aspect of our national livelihood that it becomes invisible. Take a moment to consider all of the ways water turns the wheel of progress.

At Home

Water is used to produce the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. You use water to wash your dishes after breakfast and shower at the end of a long day. It makes a flushing toilet and a washing machine possible.

In the Economy

Water is necessary to irrigate the crops that feed us, and it’s an important element in the manufacture and transportation of most consumer goods. It’s a necessary resource in research and development and across industries as diverse as chemical production and the hospitality sector.

In the Community

Hospitals and schools depend on clean, reliable water sources, and in the aftermath of a disaster, clean water is critical to rebuilding local economies. Clean water is as crucial to a healthy community as it is to a healthy body.

Yet water infrastructure is overworked and underfunded

Despite the near-unanimous bipartisan support for increased spending on water infrastructure, aging water infrastructure remains a threat to individuals and communities. Boil-water advisories have become standard fare for Americans across the country from Louisiana to Michigan and New York to California. Droughts in the west have wreaked havoc on agriculture while increases in hurricanes, tropical storms, and inland flooding have compromised water supplies in North Carolina, Florida, and other areas.

An outdated, overworn water infrastructure simply cannot stand up to the challenges we face in the 21st century. It is imperative that we take steps as a nation to protect and enhance our water supply and to ensure that our communities are never deprived of this critical resource. Modernizing our nation’s water supply and optimizing our water production is a must.

At MECO, we’re committed to providing our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions that keep the environment and communities at the forefront. MECO’s commitment to water sustainability means working to create and implement solutions to water scarcity, failed infrastructure, and compromised water supplies. Contact us today to learn how.