MECO Webinar Series: Water for Injection (WFI) Generation Technologies

An Advanced Discussion on WFI Generation Technologies

Water for Injection (WFI) is a critical utility to the biopharmaceutical industry and the international pharmacopoeias various guidelines on how WFI is produced can be a debatable topic. Since the ruling by the European Pharmacopoeia for WFI to be produced by means other than distillation, many companies have turned to MECO for guidance. As the world leader in supplying high purity water solutions, our position might surprise you.

Join MECO experts for a live discussion where panelists dive into the technical and commercial aspects of Membrane-based WFI systems, Vapor Compression and Multiple Effect distillation.



An Advanced Discussion on WFI Generation Systems

  • Three Major WFI Generation Systems
  • MECO's Thoughts on Membrane-Based WFI Production to Distillation
  • Microbial Risk of Each Technology
  • Sanitization Methods to Ensure WFI Quality Water
  • How Failure of Pretreatment Components and Downstream Operations Can Affect Water Quality in Each System
  • Total Cost of Ownership of Each WFI System
  • Typical WFI System Designs
  • MECO's MASTERpak ULTRA system for Membrane-Based WFI Generation

Over 100 years experience in the water industry

  • George Gsell - MECO's President
  • Chet Nunez - MECO's Director of Applications
  • Bill Essary - MECO's Parts and Service Manager
  • Michael Wojcik - MECO's North American Sales Director

July 29, 2020 at 11AM CST

Watch the Webinar Recording Here!


  • Until recently when the European Pharmacopeia allowed for Water for Injection (WFI) generation by means of something other than distillation, membrane-based systems were only used to produce either Purified Water (PW) or Highly Purified Water (HPW). All three of these technologies are now allowed to produce WFI in accordance with the major international pharmacopoeias. When evaluating what WFI system is best for your facility, one should carefully consider Total Cost of Ownership, Risk, Reliability, and Sustainability. In this webinar, we will review all of these critical factors in depth so you can make an informed decision on which technology works best for you.

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