How Water Purity Impacts the Food and Beverage Industry

A production conveyor belt with bottles for the food and beverage industry

Water quality has a substantial impact on food and beverage industry manufacturing processes due to its dual role as both a utility and an ingredient. To ensure a safe, reliable, and consistent product, industry leaders invest in industrial water purification systems that meet regulations and help ensure a quality product.

Consumer Safety in The Food and Beverage Industry

Water is both an active ingredient in many products as well as a utility medium critical to cleaning and sanitation in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. In other words, a trustworthy water source is a key factor in a trustworthy product. When special care isn’t taken to protect the water supply, manufacturers run the risk of creating a tainted product, which can take a toll on finance and reputation. An industrial water purification system offers manufacturers and consumers peace of mind by eliminating toxins and biological material that can impact the safety of food and beverage products.

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Product Reliability

The quality of municipal and natural water sources such as rivers, lakes or oceans vary according to mitigating circumstances. One treatment method is not suitable for all sources. Water purification systems that operate on various sources require different treatment methods and can yield various qualities of pure water output. In order to combat the inconsistencies in feed water sources, food and beverage manufacturers utilize industrial water purification technologies to purify the raw water into purified water or ultra-pure water quality for their operations. This is a key advantage in making a reliable product.


When ultra-pure water is a key ingredient in your product, your facility’s water supply has a profound impact on the way your products taste. Chloride, sulfate and other anions negatively affect the flavor of wine, beer, and other beverages. Biological material will also alter the flavor composition. Reverse osmosis and other innovative water purification technologies ensure the purest water for your product development.

Water Purification Equipment

It’s common to overlook the impact that water has on the lifespan of manufacturers’ equipment. Water alkalinity, sediment, organics, and minerals can all take a toll on your utilities. From limescale buildup to corrosion, water-related damage can reduce operational efficiency and increase the cost of maintenance and repairs. A water purification system keeps your facility operating efficiently and also increases the longevity of essential equipment, which can mean major long-term cost savings.

MECO ensures pure water for critical manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industry.

The MECO global portfolio includes the broadest range of engineered products for purified water, distilled water and pure steam. Our products are used to manufacture the world’s bottled water, sodas, sports drinks, beer, spirits, and food products. From pretreatment solutions such as multi-media filtration, carbon filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis to production equipment vapor compression, RO/EDI, and pure steam to storage and distribution, we offer a variety of solutions for your ultra-pure water needs.

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